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 “The sun doesn’t refuse to shine and neither do I”.


Harvest Consulting

       Dr. Rachelle Rogers-Ard founded Harvest Consulting in 2019 as the Principal Lead, content designer, leadership and organizational development specialist, and training facilitator.  “Harvest” resonates with Dr. Rogers-Ard, whose purpose on this planet is to grow people; the notion of planting seeds that allow people to be nourished and thrive is Dr. Ard’s particular joy.

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        Now in its fifth year, Harvest Consulting partners with K-12 public and charter schools, higher education institutions, County Offices of Education, as well as city and county offices to provide executive coaching, antiracist training, antiracist organizational and leadership development, organizational values implementation, educator pipeline development, educator pedagogical skill building, and other strategic initiatives.

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Leadership Training

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Organizational Development

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Executive Coaching



" Rachelle was an AMAZING presenter. Three hours just flew by! While it was a lot of information to absorb--still working on that--the workshop pace and her ability to be open to questions or dialogue that may have taken her off track, Rachelle was also able to tie it back to the workshop and get us all back on track! I appreciate her vulnerability when sharing personal stories about her journey and quite a few resonated with me. I would highly recommend this class, especially for those who may have trouble navigating UCOP as a hierarchical organization."

-SEL Session participant 

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