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Dr. Rachelle Rogers-Ard

 Speaks With Educators, Scholars, and Community Activists

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Articles & Literature 

Critical Race Teacher Leadership: Leading Antiracist Systems Change

Rogers-Ard, Knaus 2023

The Grow Your Own Collective
A Critical Race Movement to Transform Education

Rogers-Ard, Knaus, Bianco, Brandehoff, Gist, 2019

Portraits of Anti-racist Alternative Routes to Teaching in the U.S.

Chapter 2 in "Portraits of Anti-Racist alternative roots to teaching in the US, Rogers-Ard, 2018

Diversifying the Teacher Workforce: Preparing and Retaining Highly Effective Teachers / Edition 1

Chapter 2 in "Diversifying the Teacher Workforce", Rogers-Ard, 2014

Retaining Teachers of Color: Creating Educational Support Systems to Battle
Cultural Isolation

Rogers-Ard, 2015

Envisioning a Critical Race Praxis in K-12 Education Through Counter-Storytelling

Chapter 4 in "Envisioning a critical race Praxis in K12 Education through counter-storytelling". Rogers-Ard, 2016

Racial Diversity Sounds Nice; Systems Transformation? Not So Much...

Rogers-Ard, Knaus, Epstein, Mayfield, 2012

Educational Genocide: Examining the Impact of National Education Policy on African American Communities 

Knaus, Rogers-Ard, 2012

From Colonization to R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: How Federal Education Policy Fails Children and Educators of Color

Rogers-Ard, Knaus, 2013

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