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"Leadership is, at its core, an extension of you: your beliefs, values, self-awareness, and your willingness to extend to others."
Dr. Rachelle Rogers-Ard, 2023





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        Unlock the full potential of your leadership journey with our exclusive training sessions. Participants engage in a 12-hour exploration of anti-racist leadership fundamentals, distinguishing between leading and managing, delving into racial and leadership identity, and culminating in a self-reflection framework. You can elevate your leadership acumen with optional post-training Executive Coaching.


Who am I as a leader? How do I lead?  

Sessions define leadership, explain the difference between leading and managing, delve into racial and leadership identity and end with a framework designed for self-reflection. Executive Coaching is also offered after participation in training at an additional cost. 

Who am I as a leader? How do I lead? 

6 Hours


How do I lead Teams? 

Leaning on Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead framework, this session features essential team-building elements rooted in anti-racism. Executive Coaching is also offered after participation in training at an additional cost.

How do I lead teams? 

3 hours


How do I manage Conflict? 

This session focuses on the difference between values violations and expectation management, elements of clear and effective communication, and setting and maintaining boundaries.

How do I manage Conflict? 

3 Hours

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         During these 2-hour sessions, embark on a transformative journey towards fostering inclusivity and disrupting systemic racism with our Anti-Racism Series. Led by Dr. Rachelle Rogers-Ard of Harvest Consulting, each session provides a deep understanding of historical and contemporary issues. Elevate your knowledge and contribute to building a more equitable future with our thought-provoking and informative Anti-Racism Series.

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 Through engaging discussion and critical reflection, we'll navigate the nuances of antiracism terminology. 

Session 1: Definitions 


 In this thought-provoking discussion, we'll explore the historical construction of whiteness and its impact on societal norms, power structures, and individual identities.

Session 2&3:Whiteness


Through critical analysis and open dialogue, we will to deepen our understanding of how anti-blackness operates in various spheres of society, from systemic inequalities to cultural biases.

Session 4&5:Anti-Blackness


Delve into the historical origins and enduring impact of the the castes system. 

Session 6: Caste


Critical Race Theory: What is it, really? Gain insight into how CRT challenges conventional narratives and fosters critical dialogue on systemic injustices.

Session 7:CRT

Call to Action

In this session participants will put it all together and make a committment to shift behavior.

Session 8: Call to Action

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