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Executive Coaching

" Your leadership is your mirror: how you lead is a reflection of your values and lived racial experiences." 

- Rogers-Ard & Knaus, 2020

Harvest Consulting offers Authentic Anti-Racist Leadership using the SEL-based HEART model (Rogers-Ard & Knaus, 2020), Dare to Lead (Brown, 2018), and Dr. Rogers-Ard’s LAMP frameworks. Key to effective anti-racist leadership is understanding the roots, causes, and impacts of racial oppression in the United States, along with a deep personal commitment to disrupt systems of oppression.

Meeting Room

Dr. Rogers-Ard discusses the five elements of anti-racist work, supports and challenges Senior Leaders to see themselves as agents of change while grappling with the subtleties of leading this work versus doing the work. For BIPOC women and men, Dr. Rogers-Ard takes the lead in developing the relationship needed to be a critical thought partner.

      For white co-conspirators, Dr. Rogers-Ard partners with white colleagues to provide additional support. Monthly coaching sessions focus on increasing Senior Leaders’ level of self-awareness to analyze their leadership impact, apply anti-racist strategies, and anticipate navigating leadership hurdles.

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