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Dr. Rachelle Rogers- Ard 

Author | Keynote Speaker | Principal Lead

"Transforming organizational culture through Leadership Development"

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       Black Educational Leadership: From Silencing to Authenticity explores the subtle nuances and superpowers that define what happens when Black people lead authentically.  Drs. Rachelle Rogers-Ard & Christopher Knaus use Critical Race Theory and Anti-Racist Pedagogy to highlight the lives of several Black school leaders and one school district administrator as they continue to develop anti-racist, purpose-driven leadership identities. The text ends with offering recommendations and a research-based framework for all educational leaders. 

About Rachelle

Dr. Rachelle Rogers-Ard is a published author, adjunct professor, organizational development specialist, and former school district educator with over 28 years of experience preparing adults to lead and manage numerous workplace spaces. Rachelle specializes in coaching agency leaders to dismantle racist policies, practices, and procedures that threaten organizational health. To that end, Rachelle designs and facilitates customized leadership and racial bias training utilizing Social-Emotional best practices; as a certified Dare to Lead and The Leadership Challenge trainer, Rachelle’s work showcases the necessity for organizational Core Values to drive employee retention and outcomes.  

As Principal Lead for Harvest Consulting, Dr. Rogers-Ard facilitates and supports the implementation of her three frameworks for antiracist organizational transformation.   Rachelle challenges systemic racism by first conducting an organizational readiness assessment.  Next, Dr. Rogers-Ard interrogates leaders’ skills and will to lead antiracist work using key performance indicators.  Finally, Rachelle assesses cultural awareness to determine if antiracist efforts will yield organizational shifts. 

In an effort to address our current political climate, Dr. Rogers-Ard offers leadership development for Black women in affinity using a yearly cohort model.

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"Thanks so much Rachelle, it was such a pleasure to be part of this series. I feel more in tune with my energy, needs, goals and expectations ❤️"

-BW3L Participant

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